1000-square foot house? Yes, please!


Wanting to live in a small space doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to overhaul your lifestyle completely and live in a 500-square foot tiny house. There are many benefits to living in a smaller home without joining the tiny house movement. Why not try a 1000-square foot home for a try? It’s smaller than an average but not too small to have some open space.


Here are some benefits of living in a small(er) home:

1.Compact House = Large Savings

Downsizing almost always equals a cheaper rent or mortgage. In addition, it takes less power and other utilities to run a smaller house and that means less money spent on utilities.

2. Access to In-demand neighborhoods

Normally, one has to spend a lot to be able to live in these “hot” neighborhoods. But because you’re looking for a home that is 1000 square feet or under, you don’t have to deal with high price points. However, what a small home lacks in space will be compensated by easy access to amenities if that home is centrally located.

3. Is bigger really better? Not when talking about being cozy.

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Sometimes, bigger is a little bit overwhelming. Another benefit of downsizing apart from saving money is the homey feel that a smaller place creates. A small home may be just right for you for that intimate and lived-in atmosphere.

4. Less redecorating and remodeling costs

With a big house, we tend to purchase a lot of mass-produced furniture just to fill up the space. With a cozier home, you have a predetermined limit on overbuying stuff. If you do decide to redecorate or remodel, the smaller space will definitely lower your expenditure, plus think of the gorgeous paint, wallpapers, countertops and other high-end home upgrades you can spend your hard-earned money on!

5. Tidying up takes half the time
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This is pretty much a given. Not only are there fewer rooms to tackle, but also the home’s smaller size helps you cut down on clutter!

6. Maintaining a smaller home can be a breeze

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Although a lot can be afforded from large homes, fact of the matter is that they generally require more upkeep. A smaller house potentially means fewer things to do because fewer things can and will go wrong in the first place. Even pricey items like replacing a roof, exterior paint jobs, and redoing floors will take a smaller bite out of your paycheck.

7. Parties are possible!

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And finally, hosting a large group and having parties for any reason is still possible. Granted that your guest list may be a little limited, getting creative with your party space, like having it out on the deck, can make anything possible.

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